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  • June 2015Completed development of a new control unit

    May 2016New publication for LunGuard

    Aug. 2016LunGuard accomplished successfully a clinical study, Rabin Medical Center, Israel

Redefine ICU Patient Care

LunGuard Ltd. commenced operations in Jan 2009 following an initial investment by Maayan Ventures and the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel.
LunGuard is developing a unique and proprietary physiological integrated patient interface system for ICU ventilated and fed patients. Its technology pipeline is built around the Reflux Prevention System (RPS technology).

The system incorporates six active safety and efficient features:
1. An intelligent reflux prevention system to safely reduce VAP
2. Enables more aggressive ventilation and nutrition therapy
3. Smart system for ETT cuff sealing monitoring and control to reduce aspiration
4. Enhances patient safety by the integrated pulmonary pressure detector and enables more effective ventilation of obese and asthma patients
5. The Smart Tube incorporates PH sensors that serve as a reflux episode indicator
6. Vomiting indicator based on pressure technique

The system can be used with any ventilator or feeding system and replaces the NG tube with its own proprietary smart sensor.
The Reflux Prevention feature is capable of managing reflux, reducing pulmonary aspiration and significantly lowering the occurrence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in ventilated patients.
The company aims at successfully accomplishing the efficacy trial, thereafter accelerate the process towards the FDA approval, establish production lines so as to enable and initiate a limited market release to verify clinical and economic utility in Europe and to de-risk the technology sufficiently to explore meaningful strategic partnerships.